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Why Go Solar in Whangarei?

Solar power is sustainable and can never run out.

Using solar kits for your RV and tiny home means you are opting for a sustainable solution that is great for the environment.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, solar energy systems save money in the long term because they require little to no maintenance.

Solar power kits and systems can be installed in outlying regions that lack connection to conventional electricity grids.

Solar power systems are compact, portable, and affordable and a great backup in times of power outages.


There's never been a better time to go solar!

Solar panel systems for RVs are inexpensive and easy to take care of. Now, people who own motorhomes can use solar power as an easy way to get energy. Installing your RV's solar electrical system the proper way will allow you to enjoy the independence you've always wanted.


Whether you're looking to live a tiny house in a rural area or just want to power up your space whenever you're on vacation. Adding a solar kit to your Whangarei tiny home is a great way to upgrade your living space. Well, when it comes to solar installation, we've got you covered.

In What Ways Can We Help?

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We know our vehicles. And we certainly know all things mechanical and electrical.

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We offer unrivalled customer service and back our work with a 20,000km / 1 year warranty*

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Solar Installation Whangarei

Solar energy is a rapidly rising renewable energy source that is gaining popularity among recreational vehicle and tiny home owners in Whangarei. As the cost of solar installation services continues to fall, an increasing number of individuals are turning to solar as a reliable and cost-effective option to power their homes, RVs, motorhomes, caravans and an addition to their marine boats.

As a solar installation and parts service, we know how important it is to have complete knowledge before investing in a solar energy system for your RV, caravan, or even tiny home.

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