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At Snow Bros Auto & Electrical, we understand the importance of reliable power for your vehicles and equipment. Whether you're cruising down the highway in your car, tackling rugged terrain in your 4x4, or getting work done on the farm with your truck, we've got you covered.

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Our automotive and battery expertise extends to a wide range of vehicles and equipment, including:


Keep your car running smoothly with our deep cycle and automotive battery services. Reliable batteries, expert installation, and warranty coverage ensure you're always ready for the Whangarei road ahead.


Dependable power for your truck starts here. Our deep cycle and automotive battery services offer rugged solutions and warranty coverage, keeping your truck running strong mile after mile.


Conquer any terrain with confidence. Our deep cycle and automotive battery services provide durable power solutions for 4x4s, ensuring you're ready for off-road adventures with peace of mind.


Navigate rough terrain with ease. Here at Snow Bros, our deep cycle and automotive battery services offer reliable power solutions for 4WDs, backed by warranty coverage for added assurance on your adventures.


Keep your utility vehicle powered up and ready for work. We deliver reliable performance and better battery warranty coverage, ensuring your Ute is always on duty.

Commercial Vehicles

Stay on schedule with dependable power. Get robust solutions for commercial vehicles, supported by warranty coverage for added peace of mind.

Farm Machinery

Power your farm operations with confidence. Our deep cycle and automotive battery services provide reliable solutions for farm machinery, ensuring uninterrupted performance when you need it most.

Ride-On Mowers

Maintain your lawn with ease. We offer durable power solutions for ride-on mowers, keeping your landscaping equipment running smoothly all season long.


Hit the open road with reliable power beneath you. We provide high-performance solutions for motorcycles, backed by warranty coverage for worry-free riding.


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Battery Services Offered at Snow Bros:

Deep Cycle Battery Services

  • Installation of high-quality deep cycle batteries for long-lasting performance.
  • Maintenance and diagnostics to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Replacement of worn-out deep cycle batteries with reliable alternatives.

Automotive Battery Services

  • Comprehensive battery testing to assess health and performance.
  • Installation of automotive batteries suitable for all types of vehicles.
  • Battery reconditioning and charging services to extend lifespan.

Warranty Coverage

  • Enjoy peace of mind with up to a 42-month warranty on selected batteries.
  • Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and ensures customer satisfaction.

Diagnostic and Maintenance Services

  • Thorough diagnostic checks to identify battery-related issues.
  • Regular maintenance services to prevent unexpected failures and prolong battery life.

Custom Solutions

  • Tailored solutions to meet specific vehicle and equipment requirements.
  • Expert advice on selecting the right battery for your needs, considering factors such as capacity, voltage, and application.


Take advantage of our unparalleled automotive services AND REPAIRS

When it comes to automotive repairs, electrical troubles, and vehicle servicing, you won't find a better team of automotive technicians to have on your side. As a top-tier vehicle service centre in Whangarei, our aim is to provide high-quality automotive work at fair pricing.

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We offer unrivalled customer service and back our work with a 20,000km / 1 year warranty*

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Widest stockist batteries across Northland, including Marshall Batteries. With up to 24 month warranty.

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Expert knowledge means we've seen most issues before. Our diagnostics mean we fix it faster. Our focus is supporting you.

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We are proudly locally owned and operated by Matt and the team. We are locals too and proudly support our community.

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Whangarei Emergency Battery Assistance

Is your vehicle stranded with a dead battery? Don't stress – we're here to help! Call us now at Snow Bros Auto & Electrical for immediate jumpstart and battery replacement services. Our experienced team of mechanics will get you back on the road in no time.

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Peace of Mind on the Go

Drive Confidently with Our Comprehensive Warranty

Experience worry-free driving with Snow Bros’ industry-leading warranty coverage. With up to a generous 42-month warranty on selected batteries, you can trust in the quality and reliability of our products. Our warranty goes beyond just words - it's a commitment to your satisfaction and confidence in our mechanic services in Whangarei.

Rest assured that our warranty comprehensively covers manufacturing defects, giving you added protection against unexpected issues. Whether it's a fault in materials or workmanship, we've got you covered. Our goal is to ensure that every customer drives away with complete peace of mind, knowing that they are backed by our warranty.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do at Snow Bros Auto Repair. That's why we stand behind our products with such a robust warranty. We believe in the quality of our batteries and strive to exceed your expectations at every turn. So, drive with confidence knowing that you're covered by our warranty, providing you with the ultimate assurance on the road ahead.

Powering Your Needs! Expert Service for Deep Cycle, AGM, Lithium, and Flooded Batteries

Trust in Quality! Snow Bros ensures reliability every mile of the way. Unlock peak performance for your vehicles and equipment with our comprehensive battery services. We specialise in deep cycle, AGM, lithium, and flooded batteries, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Whether you're powering up your car, truck, 4x4, or farm machinery, we have the expertise and automotive products to keep you moving forward. From installation to maintenance, our expert mechanics are dedicated to delivering top-notch service and battery support.

Don't let battery issues slow you down – call us today and experience the difference our professional Whangarei battery services can make for your vehicle or equipment!