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When it comes to car safety in Whangarei, Snow Bros Auto Electrical are the experts to see. We install high-quality vehicle reversing cameras. In addition to offering front and rear cameras, we also are experts in dash cams, mirror cams, and reverse sensors.

Tired of getting a stiff neck from constantly reversing and checking your blind spots?

Don't worry, though, we have the perfect answer for you: a Reversing Camera.

Take the worry out of parking your vehicle and reap the benefits of a reversing camera today by having one installed. The following are just some of the advantages you'll gain from having a reversing camera installed in your vehicle:

Park with ease

Keep pedestrians and little ones safe

Increase visibility in tight or busy spots



Whether fixing an existing reversing camera or installation of a new reversing camera Snow Bros can help.

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Our Whangarei team is able to set up a single unit or a whole fleet. Have your reverse camera professionally fitted today at Snow Bros Auto Electrical.

Why Your Reverse Camera May Not Be Functioning:

Broken Parts

Damage to the hardware of the reversing camera is a common cause of distorted or nonexistent images. You will have issues if the lens, stabiliser, or any other part of the device breaks.


Most rearview cameras are high-tech, water-sensitive devices, making them susceptible to condensation. Condensation might cause problems for your reverse camera by seeping into the car's electrical system.

Lens Fog and Filth

Lens smudges, mud, dust, or water on a reversing camera can cause a hazy image.

Loose or Broken Connections

The image from your reversing camera may be distorted, or the screen may be blank, if the wires connecting it to the display are frayed or disconnected.

Software Problems

A software issue could be to blame for any hiccups or delays experienced when using your reverse camera. Upgrades to the software may solve this problem.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?

You can count on an answer from us.

What does a parking camera do?

It gives you a panoramic view of your surrounding, allowing you to park with ease and confidence.

You can back your automobile into any parking area without fear of damaging your vehicle or other objects thanks to your reverse camera.

How difficult is it to fit a reversing camera?

Have it installed stress-free! If you're unfamiliar with back-up camera systems, have Snow Bros Auto Electrical install it for you..

How does a reversing camera work?

When you have a better perspective of what's behind you, you can back out of tight spots without risking damage to your vehicle or the property around you. 

A reversing camera, backup camera, or rear-view camera is a camera mounted on the back of a car to help the driver park more safely and to eliminate blind spots when backing up.

The camera is installed at the back of the car and is connected to activate when the gear shifter is put into reverse. Both a fisheye lens and a wide-angle lens are used in reverse cameras so that the entire back of the vehicle is captured. The camera will start displaying information automatically, and the footage may be seen on a screen within the cabin at any time. To note the camera is pointing down so that low or ground-level obstructions can be seen.

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