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Tips for determining if your alternator needs replacing:

Symptoms include a flat battery every time you try to start your car. It can indicate the alternator is failing or stopped completely.

Engine stalling while driving and then will not restart.

If your battery or charge is getting low repeatedly and a warning light shows on the dash it may be a sign of Alternator failure.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Starter Motor

Often if you are having trouble starting your vehicle, a faulty starter motor may be causing the problem. Faulty starters often mimic the effects of a flat battery as the engine may turn over slowly, or not at all. The battery terminals and battery leads may get extremely hot as the faulty starter motor draws a lot of power from the battery.

Once your starter motor problem has been diagnosed, the team at Snow Bros will advise you on the best options. For example, if your starter motor has a common fault, it may be better to replace it with a new aftermarket starter motor. However, if your starter motor is a reliable brand, it may be better to rebuild it.

Got the starter motor off already and want it tested? Drop it in and we can bench test and give a strip and report as to what it's needs.

How do you fix an alternator

In order to fix an alternator, it's vital to pinpoint the precise failure symptoms. The potential causes of an alternator failure can be then minimised. Modern alternators can be controlled by the cars own battery management system and they can be tricky for people to diagnose.

Here at Snow Bro Auto Electrical we have the knowledge tools and know how to find the fault failure. So reach out today to get up to fix your Alternator Issues.

Got the alternator off already, then drop it in and we can bench test and do a strip and report on what needs to be repaired.

Spotting alternator and starter motor problems

Hearing an annoying clicking noise when you turn your car key can only mean trouble. Starter issues can be identified by a clicking noise when the key is turned, while alternator issues can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, such as dimming headlights, difficulty starting the engine, and a warning light on the dashboard. Often, the first step in diagnosing these issues is to conduct a thorough inspection of the starter and alternator to determine the root cause of the problem. Sometimes it can be a wiring issue or immobiliser fault.

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