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Owning a boat in Whangarei is an exhilarating experience, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. One of these is ensuring that your boat is always in top condition.

So if you're a boat owner looking to keep your vessel seaworthy and well-maintained, consider calling Snow Bros Auto & Electrical for your marine battery repair service and solar installation needs today.

General Wiring

Marine wiring is crucial to a boat's safe operation and must be installed and maintained correctly. Get your electric wiring repairs done correctly by our team..

Marine Batteries

Maintaining a full charge is the best thing you can do for your battery life. Left sitting, batteries of any kind will eventually die. Keep your boat running smoothly with our marine battery services.

Electric watch repairs

Get your electric watch repairs done quickly and accurately. Both the watch and the electrical systems on your marine boat are in good hands with us. We'll take care of you and your vessel, whether you require maintenance, repairs, or upgrades.


Bright lighting to make night time boating more enjoyable and safer. From safety lights to cabin lights, we can ensure they met your demands.


Let us set you up with quality audio systems so you can enjoy entertainment while out on the water.

UHF & Fish Finders

UHF & Fish Finder repairs to help you locate fish and communicate with other boats.


Reap the potential financial benefits and reduced monthly power bills through solar services and repairs.

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Discounts for Club Members

There are numerous types of savings and deals that you may take advantage of through our fishing and boating club memberships in Whangarei and Dargaville.

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Marine Boat Electrical

Repairing a boat is a complex task that calls for expert knowledge. When it comes to boats and marine vessels, our electrical repair services at Snow Bros Auto & Electrical are quick, efficient, and great value. 

We offer marine boat repair services across the Whangarei region from our base in Central Whangarei, so give us a call at Snow Bros if you need us.


You can rely on our professionals to ensure the electrical work on your boat is working as it should, so you can focus on catching that next big snapper.

Excellent Marine Boat Repair Services That Keep You Afloat

Here at Snow Bros Auto & Electrical, we guarantee the swift and secure completion of all auto repairs thanks to our staff of highly trained and skilled experts. In Whangarei, we employ only the best technicians who specialise in boat maintenance, engine repair, electrical work, and more. 

With our marine boat repair services, customers can rest assured that their boats are being serviced with quality parts and tools.


From routine maintenance to extensive engine repairs, we've got you covered for boats of any make or model.

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Sure call us today, or fill out the form and a team member will happily assist.

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