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Need a battery for your motorhome or caravan or your boat and jetski? Whatever the reason you need a battery, we have them in stock and our team are knowledgeable on the best battery to meet the needs of your vehicle and purpose. So pop by our Whangarei branch for automotive advice and guidance.

Slow starting can be caused by a weak battery, so don’t wait till it has packed up completely before speaking to us. If we are servicing your vehicle, we can simply check your battery as part of this process.

Vehicle battery replacement

On the spot testing for start batteries.

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Vehicle Batteries

If the worst happens, and your car wont start, simply give our Whangarei mobile auto technician a call and we will get you going as well as check the battery health of your vehicle (And replace as necessary).

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We are one of Northland's largest stockists of batteries. We carry the right battery for your vehicle make and model. 

Choosing the right batteries for your needs

Know your Batteries

We have high-quality Flooded, AGM, and Lithium batteries designed to withstand New Zealand's extreme temperatures and demanding conditions as well as perfect for RV’s marine and off grid solutions due to providing power over long periods of time.










Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are much lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries, allowing for easier installation and fewer repairs when embedded into a vehicle. Furthermore, lithium battery technology has enabled cars to become more efficient as well as reduce emissions from typical combustion engines.

Flooded Cell Batteries

Flooded Cell Battery. When it comes to keeping your car running at peak performance, a flooded cell battery is the way to go. When driving at night or with the air conditioning on, the electrical demands of a car are higher, and this sort of battery helps meet those needs. In addition to its various benefits, the flooded cell battery is also relatively easy to maintain. Since the electrolyte levels are simple to check and replenish as needed, maintenance and replacements can be spaced further apart. And don’t forget, when you book your battery replacement with us, we can book in your battery servicing to ensure you have years of worry free motoring!

Absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries

Absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries are engineered to provide exceptional starting power and long life. Battery packs of this type can be used to power a broad variety of vehicles because they are resistant to heat and vibration. It can be promptly recharged after being discharged during many starts and stops, and its cutting-edge technology ensures that it will last significantly longer than today's standard vehicle batteries.

Golf Cart Batteries

Golf carts are handy vehicles to have around, whether you're cruising about the golf course, or navigating the halls of a manufacturing facility, your gold cart needs juice to go. The batteries in your golf cart may need replacing if you've noticed its losing power. We have a variety of battery types, including lead, AGM, and even lithium-ion than can power up your golf cart. We cannot guarantee that it will improve your golf game though.

Marine Batteries

No matter the size of your boat's motor, from an outboard to an inboard, we have the marine battery you need. Maintain your boat's efficiency with our selection of marine starter and dual-purpose marine batteries.

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